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Please note that we are experiencing delays in being able to schedule New Patient Assessments. We will discuss this with you when you call for a screening. We appreciate your patience. 

For the times that you or a family member may be struggling with depression or anxiety, long term or short term problems, relationship concerns, or adjustment issues, psychotherapy (counseling) can really help. You may want to feel better, handle things better, figure out solutions to problems or find a sense of direction. You want to be able to find solutions and develop your strengths in a warm, supportive, and caring environment. Wise Mind Mental Health Clinic in Marshfield can help you find relief from depression or anxiety, help with trauma, grief or loss, help with marriage, relationship, or family problems, and find direction in a time of stress and worry.


Effective: “Will it work?” is one of the most important questions you may have for us as you seek help. That question is important to us, and we work under a model of “feedback informed treatment” which means that we discuss and measure how things are going, based on your priorities. We adapt treatment to meet your needs, and pay careful attention to your progress during each and every meeting.

Private: In addition to confidentiality*, your privacy is very important to us. We believe that you should be able to seek counseling/psychotherapy care without your diagnosis being automatically shared via electronic medical record when you seek treatment for other medical issues. You decide who receives information about your mental health care. Our office has parking in the rear of the building for greater privacy.

Experienced: Experience matters. With each of our therapists having over 20 years of full time clinical experience, we can get quickly to what will be helpful for you. We take our responsibilities very seriously and will be clear with you about what we can provide in terms of direction and support. We also know that it’s important to be honest in terms of the times that we need to make additional referrals, or to inform you directly on those few occasions that psychotherapy is unlikely to be helpful.

Individualized: After the initial phone or completion of the screening form, we meet with you for a comprehensive and careful assessment. We want to get to know you, learn about your priorities and goals, and work with you to develop the best plan for you. Each person has important things to share and we will work to learn what will work most effectively for you or your family.

Research Based: In the last 20 years, the availability of solid and helpful information from mental health research has skyrocketed. Research on anxiety and depression treatments for example, provide clear treatment options that have been repeatedly shown to be effective. There is excellent research on what helps with relationship or marriage problems, and child behavior problems. Wise Mind Clinic therapists actively pursue the highest quality continuing education, read and discuss articles and books, collaborate with other clinicians, and work to integrate the latest in research into our mental health care.

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