WISE MIND: Getting Started

We are not currently accepting new patients. Former patients are welcome to contact us to see if we have availability to have you return to treatment.

Wise Mind Mental Health Clinic provides counseling (psychotherapy) services for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our commitment is to help people find effective ways for managing life’s challenges. We prefer to start the intake process with a brief phone call.  This allows us to determine whether our services may be helpful to you, prior to filling out paperwork. You may leave a message on the main voicemail box 715-384-0080 and press “0.” If we’re unable to answer the phone we will try to call you back at a time that you’re available to talk directly, generally within a business day. We do not have a secretary to answer calls, so please be sure that you have voicemail set up, and that your voicemail box has room to take a message.

We like to get some general information about why you’re calling for an appointment  and some idea of how we might be helpful to you. The information we generally ask is to find out about the reasons you’re calling, some background information, insurance, etc.  Parents/Guardians may call in on behalf of minor children. Anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in an assessment, needs to contact us directly. We then can mail you the initial packet of history and consent forms or you may click here for the Child/Adolescent Intake/History Form or click here for the Adult Intake/History Form.  If you have been in prior mental health treatment we may also ask you to complete a  Release of Information so we can have a sense of your prior treatment. We do have an admissions policy which helps to insure that we make sure we can provide the services that you need prior to admission to the outpatient clinic. Please contact us if you would like to see a copy of our admissions policy.

Based on the information from the phone screening and/or history forms we would then schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of us to complete a careful assessment of your background and current concerns. This helps us learn about you, and pave the way for us to talk about the best way to work together to help the healing process and make positive change. We will discuss together what to focus on and how often and how long to meet in the future. What’s most important in psychotherapy (counseling) is that you feel understood and that we pay careful attention to how you’re progressing.

Check with your insurance company if you have questions about what’s covered. For insurance billing, the process would start with an individual assessment by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan, and treatment recommendations. You will develop a plan with the therapist based on your specific situation and needs. Your therapist can also discuss with you whether a referral to discuss whether medications might be helpful or if couples or group work would be beneficial. If you are planning to private pay for marriage counseling, both parties can be assessed together. Insurance companies do not usually cover “marriage therapy” but will often cover psychotherapy that includes both parties to help treat the concerns and symptoms of the person who completed the assessment/evaluation.

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