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Depression is one of the most common disorders that people seek treatment for and the CDC estimates that 1 out of 10 people are experiencing depression. Symptoms include depressed or down mood, changes in sleeping and/or eating (too much or too little), feelings of guilt or worthless, lack of enjoyment in activities, problems concentrating, persistent negative thoughts, thoughts of death or suicide. There is no one cause for depression for everyone. Kids, teenagers, adults, and older adults can all experience depression.

There are many factors that can create or increase depression. Genetics, trauma, alcohol, grief/loss, major life changes, medical changes, pregnancy/postpartum hormonal changes, can all play a role in the development of depression. Depression can cause behavior changes like social withdrawal and decreased activity, and negative thoughts can reinforce some of the patterns and keep depression from getting better on its own.

Psychotherapy/counseling is a safe and effective treatment for depression and helps by identifying some of the factors that add to the symptoms, and providing education, support, and problem solving to change some of the behavior and thought patterns that keep depression going. Wise Mind Mental Health Clinic staff will provide a thorough evaluation to determine whether depression is present and will develop a treatment plan to help. We utilize Cognitive Behavioral, Supportive, and Interpersonal Therapy principles to help with depression. We can also discuss with you whether medications might be helpful, and if needed, we can refer you to another health care provider to discuss the pros and cons of medication.